Friday, January 07, 2005

Update on my Grandmother

Unfortunately, I have more news about my grandmother. She had a third stroke. I think her trip to Argentina for that dance competition will be cancelled. According to my father (who is leaving today to go visit her), she now has no short term memory, has lost the use of her right arm and hand, and she can barely walk. I'm going to wait to hear from my father before deciding when to go visit.

I just started back to school this week, too. I haven't decided whether the school work is a good distraction or a bad one. I have had moments of breaking down into tears, but mostly I am just in shock and likely denial. Despite how much I love my grandmother and how comfortable I am talking to strangers about death and serious illness, I have not been able to get myself to call my grandmother yet.

A few years ago, her hearing started to get really bad. I tried calling her, but she couldn't even hear me well enough to recognize who I was on the phone. We both finally hung up without having communicated a word and I cried tears of frustration and sadness. I think I'm afraid this phone call may be even more traumatizing. But now that I've admitted to you all that I haven't called, I think I'm ready to do it. Wish me luck.

P.S. In honor of my grandmother's life-long commitment to animal rights and welfare, may I remind people to consider the animals suffering in the aftermath of the tsunami. For information on how to help the starving animals and lost pets, check out United Animal Nations.

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