Friday, January 28, 2005

Angry Denial Scenario: Part 2

Great responses! Here are a few more questions I'd like to throw out there after reading all of your thoughts in the comments section of my last post:

1) Would you not take her demands that people leave as her telling us that perhaps she would prefer to die alone? What about asking her this directly? (ie You have asked people to leave the room when they come by, I just want to understand your wishes better. Would you prefer to die alone or might I just sit here with you for awhile each day?

2) Knowing the stages of grief, as you've mentioned, Jeremy, in your response, would you explain the stages to her as a way of acknowledging the feelings she's expressing and to normalize them for her? ie You seem very angry. - wait for a response before jumping into education - as this line alone may get her to start talking to you about what she's going through. THEN either later or immediately if she is not talking, explain the stages of grief and acknowledge that what she is feeling is normal. Even if she never wants visitors, knowing that what she is feeling has been felt by others before her will also make her feel less alone in her suffering.

What are your thoughts? Again, there are no definitively right answers with these scenarios.

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