Friday, August 04, 2006

The Death Penalty

My blog is about death and dying, in general. But also as death has pertained to my own personal life. This has led this blog to focus largely on the issues of:

-symptom management
-issues with facing mortality

...and more.

Today, I met a paralegal who works for an attorney defending prison inmates on death row. I am opposed to the death penalty, personally. I have been opposed to it primarily on the basis of its misuse - the fact that those whom are executed are disproportionately minorities.

Inspired by my conversation with this paralegal, I decided to check out what the death experience is like for these prisoners. Having read about the actual process of euthanasia (that's really what it is) used in these cases, I feel even more strongly opposed to the death penalty. I will attach the link here, but I caution you, the descriptions of methods of execution found here are profoundly disturbing.

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