Monday, July 31, 2006

Expired Poem

JennyNYC and I have been working on a poetry project. We have been writing one another a poem every day for 100 days now. I think part of my silence on this blog has been due to this new creative writing outlet. But I thought I'd share the poem I wrote last night. It's not my best piece of writing, but the subject certainly seems pertinent to this blog.

"Don't leave me,"
he nearly begged
in fear
as he reached out his hand to me.
His frail body was failing him.
His wife at his bedside
spoke the feeling
they both shared.
"I was scared."
She says the words
with her back to me
as she walks away from the bedside.
I massage his feet
to calm his nerves
and he falls right to sleep.

Two nights later,
I return to work,
looking forward to seeing him again.
Having bonded over the
touch of his hand in mine.
Having felt a connection
in his need for my companionship.

As I walk onto the floor,
my heart sinks.
His room is vacant.
The note on the clipboard reads,
"Transfer/DC to:

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