Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Your Truth Scenario: Will You Pray with Me?

We all have differing levels of comfort with spirituality and religion. We all come from different backgrounds, some including a religious up-bringing, some without a religious up-bringing.

Patients come to the table with an equally diverse relationship with their spirituality and/or religion.

In this scenario, a patient asks, "Will you pray with me?"

Whether you are in a medical profession or not, I'd love to hear your responses. Please let me know a bit about your relationship with spirituality and/or religion and then tell me how you would respond to this request. If you are not in a medical profession, you can relate it specifically to your line of work or simply answer it theoretically.

Scenario 1: The patient has a different religious/spiritual background from yours.

Scenario 2: The patient has the same or a similar religious/spiritual background as you (if you have one).

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