Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Frequent Call Light - Part II

Sorry for the delay in putting up my response. I'm in the midst of midterms this week and thus have been doing nothing but studying. But I decided I deserve a study break.

You all had such wonderful ideas as to what to do for the needy patient I described in the Frequent Call Light Scenario post. Here is a summary of your responses:

-contact friends/family to stay with the patient
-give her activities to do
-check in with her regularly
-give her a sleeping pill to help her sleep

You pretty much covered it all. As I mentioned in the initial post, looking for underlying causes as to her sensitivity to heat and cold (thyroid condition) may also help in this particular scenario.

In a similar situation, that's pretty much what I did. The patient didn't have any living relatives, but her DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney - friend designated to make medical decisions for her when she is no longer able) came by, I checked in on her regularly, did my charting in her room, attempted to get her to talk about her concerns, and gave her a sleeping pill the next morning. The next morning, after a few hours of sleep due to the sleeping pill, she finally talked to me a little about some of her concerns.

Good job! You all pretty much have it covered! I'd be happy to have any of you taking care of me if I were dying in a hospital. :-)

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