Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Death & the Arts

I just came across an interesting site of death paintings. As a result, I kind of either got inspired or went mad (you decide) in a search for what other art representations of death are out there. Here is a sampling of both the good stuff and the diversity of what I found:

This is an outstanding website dedicated to death in art with excellent images as well as text by the webmaster: Pollefeys.

Mr. Whiting has done an incredible job of photo-documenting death rituals in American society. From tombstones to Roadside Memorials. Definitely a must-see website!'s directory of death in the arts

necromantic's arts section

The sexualized comic representation: Lady Death

The superhero comic Golden Warrior who goes by the name Death Maiden. Okay, that is not at all how I picture myself! :-)

Although this site didn't offer any pictures, if you're ever in Pennsylvania, definitely check out the Museum of Mourning Art. I know I will!

The following are sites for death-related art recommended by readers like yourself. Please let me know if you come across other interesting sites relating to death in the arts.

Mark Ryden link recommended by artist Mari Naomi.

Dear Death link recommended by blogger JennyNYC.

And in honor of Edward Gorey, whose death-related art was also recommended by artist Mari Naomi, here is a quiz I found called What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

Being sucked dry by leeches isn't so bad.
You will be sucked dry by a leech. I'd stay away
from swimming holes, and stick to good old
cement. Even if it does hurt like hell when
your toe scrapes the bottom.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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