Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dr. Kehr: Oncologist with a CNA

A reader sent an email to me sharing some news that I found so inspiring that I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Apparently, there is an Oncology doctor in California who has been working in hospice for years who quit working as a doctor for six months so that he could spend that time getting certified as a nursing assistant. He said that the daily activities of having your bottom wiped, getting mouth care, and being turned are so significant in the end of life that he found it very educational to get this training. When people are no longer able to speak, having your bottom wiped gently and with compassion instead of having your bottom rubbed aggressively can provide profound dignity to the patient and send a message that we care. Apparently, he is the only Oncologist in California who is also a certified nursing assistant. Thank you to Dr. Kehr and to all of the nursing assistants who provide such loving care to dying patients!

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Anonymous said...

I was a CNA at nancy hinds hospice in fresno, ca. I was so blassed to be there. And the thought of a Dr. doing this just touches my heart. There is a saying of different times when God winks at us.I saw a lot of God winks doing this kind of work. Special moments that I can't discribe to anyone.Between me and the patient, I hope that Dr. Kehr will get these moments, when God winks at him. Bless his heart!!!!