Friday, December 03, 2004

Emotional Growth

I feel like my blog has shifted to being more intellectual and less emotional/spiritual. I wonder if that is just my perception because the left hemishphere of my brain is hypertrophied from school. :-)

Hypertrophied, for you non-medical folk, is a word used to describe when a muscle becomes enlarged through overuse.

Or is it that I've already done a lot of the emotional growing that I needed to do to get to where I am now (feeling much much more at peace with this work)?

I asked myself this as I saw his youthful age in the chart and felt a pang of sorrow in my heart. But he is so young!

Or is it that I've learned to maintain better boundaries?

I asked myself these questions as I gently combed the rat's nest of knots out of the back of his hair and as I watched his eyes close as I ran my fingers through some of the newly combed strands of hair.

In my heart, I know there are so many answers that my mind and spirit have yet to comprehend. But what happened to all of the questions? Where did they go?

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dein said...

no... i think your blog is awesome...:-) balanced in knowledge and emotion..