Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Gnostic Halloween

I have been searching for a good site that explained the meaning of Halloween and came up with this one. I think it is self-evident why this would be one of my favorite holidays - a celebration of the duality of life and death. A time some believe that there is an opening between the afterlife and this world. Definitely interesting things to contemplate. Of course, I spend more time on this subject than once a year; however, I am particularly pleased to get to celebrate this with everyone else.

This site also gives a nice historical perspective on various religious beliefs and their interpretation of this holiday. The author also presents a fascinating view of the important role Halloween plays in helping children understand and accept their "darker" selves. The author sees Halloween as an opportunity for children to bring into the light the monsters they fear inside themselves and the monsters we all fear ourselves to be at certain times in our life. "The original displeasure of anxiety then turns into the great pleasure of anxiety successfully faced and mastered."

Definitely an inspiring interpretation of Halloween. I hope it is a meaningful or minimally and enjoyable day for you all!

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