Sunday, August 08, 2004

Why Am I Here?

This is a question many people wait until they know they are dying before they consider. But many of the tasks of dying, including this one, can help us make our lives more meaningful on an every day basis.

Some of the questions that help people find meaning in their life:

- What "one noble act" that I have done brings a sense of fulfillment to my life?
- What has this life been all about?
- What have I learned in my life?
- What have I done with my life?
- What have I given to others and what have I received from others?
- Have I live according to my beliefs and priorities?
- What are my priorities now?
- What have been my most cherished moments in this life so far -- when I brought dignity upon myself, when I took a stand, when I experienced love, when I opened myself to others and to the world?

What brings meaning to your life?


Nurse Mia said...

I thought I ought to answer my own question to start. The things that have made my life meaningful so far have been:

-Making a difference in individual people’s lives, particularly through helping people who are dying and their families find peace

-Learning how to love through my relationship with Crissa, as well as through relationships with my family, friends and past lovers

-Being part of a family – supporting others on a personal level and feeling supported – this includes Crissa, my biological family (from my immediate family extended to distant aunts, uncles and cousins), Crissa's family, as well as my family of friends

-Creating – whether I am writing, drawing, painting, making collages, or on the rare occasion that I cook and sharing those creations with others

-Standing up for the underdog – whether advocating for more staff at work, learning how to combat racism in preschools or when I refrained from participating in gossip at work or school

-Feeling part of a larger thing called “life” or “love” (what others may refer to as God), especially while meditating or out in nature

Jennynyc said...

Hi--I'm Barb, Jen's mom. Your site is wonderful (as jen said it would be), and I'll check in now and then if that's ok. Funny--your list made me think of old Horace Mann's comment: Be ashamed to die before you have won a victory for humanity.


Love, Barb