Monday, August 09, 2004

Six Feet Under Addict

Hello. My name is Mia. And I'm a "Six Feet Under" addict. I admit it. Though I guess it's no surprise that I would love that show. I'm not the type to ever go so far with a television program as to read magazine articles or even puruse websites or chatrooms. But I am addicted to the degree that I could ever be addicted to a tv program.

Okay, the things I love about Six Feet Under:

-the show normalizes death publicly
-the show finds humor around death and dying
-the characters can be a bit profound at times, yet they're never dry nor dull

I would love for my blog to be all of that at once. But that is a very distant and difficult goal to aspire to. So in the meantime, I will keep renting the latest episode of Six Feet Under on DVD.

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