Saturday, October 08, 2005

Film Review: Corpse Bride

Last night, S and I went out for a date night and saw Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. We do not regularly view films with a PG rating; anyone have trouble guessing why I'd talk S into seeing this flick? ;-)

In this film, the main character, Victor, accidentally proposes to a dead woman while practicing his wedding lines for his fiance Victoria. The "corpse bride" whom he has proposed to gets lost in her fantasy of how this young man will save her and doesn't register nor understand his resistance until the end of the film.

My kindergarten teacher once told my parents that she was concerned that I was not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality. As an adult woman who is still prone to believing my fancies, I could relate to this sad "corpse bride."

I loved the imagery in the final scene. As the "corpse bride" finally makes peace with her untimely death, her soul is freed and dissintegrates into a cloud of butterflies that fly towards the moon. This was a beautiful metaphor for a mind being freed of fantasy and a soul being freed from its body.

After the film, S and I wondered what Tim Burton must be like.

Mia: I bet I'd like him. We certainly share a common interest in death. I wouldn't mind sitting down for a cup of coffee and picking his brain for a bit.

S: He's probably anti-social. And besides, he's twisted. But then again, [laughing] sometimes I think you are, too.

If you've seen this film, what do you think? Twisted or just unusually thought-provoking entertainment?

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