Sunday, October 23, 2005

Euthanasia In New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina

Jeremy's blog recently referred to an article on Euthanasia in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Please check it out and share with me what you think.

I have to say, reading this article, I was shocked. I am in full support of physician-assisted suicide, but am not sure that I could practice euthanasia, even if it were legal. But then again, I am not sure what I would do if I were in the shoes that these doctors and nurses were during Katrina. I'm sure that these doctors and nurses did what they felt in their hearts was the most humane and caring act under the circumstances. And all we can do is our best. They obviously could not get informed consents signed for an act that is illegal, but I think that is what worries me the most - wanting assurance that these patients were fully informed and consenting - not that they would have consented to drowning in the hurricane, if they'd had a choice in that matter.

What are your thoughts?

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