Friday, March 18, 2005

What to do when a Loved One Dies

I wish I'd had a list of resources like one of these when my grandmother died. If it had been my parents, maybe I would have thought to look on-line. But read up now, BEFORE someone dies. As from my experience, after they've died, you're not likely to be thinking about what resources are out there to help you through the tough decisions. For instance, a lot of the tasks were picked up at random. I know some people in my grandmother's address book were notified of her death and memorial service, but others were expected to have found out through the obituary. I certainly don't read the obituaries for my city, do you? We also had expected the nursing home to provide food as a reception afterwards, but they didn't. Little details, such as these, kind of slipped by unattended to. I hope by providing links to some to do lists, I can help others prevent these mistakes from happening.

-Brocklands Woodland Burial to do list
-Charles Dewhirst funeral home to do list
-Colorado Bar Association's to do list
-Lange Lawfirm list
-Money Central article
-Uncle Fed's checklist
-UPMC's pdf brochure

Perhaps someday, I'll go through and compile these lists into one list. They each have strengths and include something or another not mentioned in the first one. But for now, at least I can offer a reference place to start.

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