Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Laughing with Bobby

Laughing is such a joy and is so much a part of life. Whenever possible, it should be incorporated into death as well. I'm always being accused of taking life too seriously. But as serious as I am, I definitely appreciate the pleasure that laughter brings. Thus I've got my list of humorous death links in my side bar.

My sister didn't want to say anything at my grandmother's memorial. But the night before the service, we stayed up late into the night. My sister told me funny stories she remembered from our childhood. "Oh you must tell them tomorrow at the memorial. Bobby had a great sense of humor and would want us to laugh, too." I hope the following text from my sister's reading at the memorial at least brings you a smile, too. Bobby loved to share jokes and would want you to laugh with us.

"As you know, my grandmother Bobby was a free spirit with a great sense of humor. She was also a generous woman.

"She didn't bat an eye when I asked her to watch my dog Joey when I went into the Peace Corps. While I was away, Bobby was great about sending me photos to let me know how Joey was doing. I'd flip the photos over and they'd say, "Joey with a new haircut" or "Joey playing with Sweetie." I soon realized that getting Joey back from Bobby might not be as easy. Soon I'd flip over the phottos and they'd just say, "My dog."

"One year, my dad and I came to visit and the three of us went to dinner. Bobby turned to me and dead panned, "Are you drinking a lot of alcohol? Are you experimenting with drugs? Are you having casual sex?" I was shocked by her questions and replied, "But, Bobby, I'm only eleven."

"Surprisingly, no one has mentioned Bobby's gifts. The great beauty was that you would never know what would be in those packages. In one package there would be a sweet little figurine of a mouse using a pea pod as a canoe. And the next package would have a pair of fire engine red lace underwear. [When I opened the package of underwear, I thought to myself, "My god! My grandmother thinks I'm a pole dancer."]

"I'm miss my grandmother, Bobby, very much. Without a doubt, Christmas morning will never be the same."

On a not so humorous note, my grandmother has finally been cremated and her ashes will be mailed to me today. Let's all hope they arrive safely.

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