Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Movie Review: My First Mister

When I first read the cover of the DVD, I thought to myself, "How odd! Why would I have picked this movie for myself?" The cover said it was about a young girl with a dysfunctional family and her friendship with a neurotic older man. Somehow that description didn't excite me. But when the movie started, I thought, "Wow. I must have had an idea of what I was getting." The protagonist is a young woman obsessed with death. Unfortunately, those first few minutes were the highlight of the film. As the movie continued, I was quickly offended by the gratuitous anti-fat message thrown in. And I made a quick anaysis that I was watching just a slightly punked out version of a schoolgirl and older man love affair (the protagonist has the whole gothic look going on and has numerous piercings and tattoos). However, in the last segment of the movie, I realized how this film fell into my hands. We learn that one of the characters is dying. I can't say this was a good film. I am beginning to wonder if there could be any films on death and dying that I would like. I think any fictionalizations would be dull in comparison to the real life experiences I've already had. But I'm still searching. I'm definitely open to suggestions. I did like Wit. So I guess that's at least one film on my thumbs up list.

Although I don't believe it's on death and dying at all, I am very curious about the new movie WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm hoping to find time to hit the theaters during "normal" people hours, so I don't have to wait till it comes out on DVD for one of my late night home movie viewings.

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