Monday, September 27, 2004

Growing Pains

I apologize for the technical difficulties this page is experiencing. I recently added the "trackback" feature. I was not warned by HaloScan that in the process, all prior comments would be erased. I have sent an official complaint to HaloScan, but have not heard back as to whether or not they can recover the comments. I have found all feedback to this sight incredibly insightful and informative and regret that this shared information has now disappeared. I have some old copies of some of the comments that were copied to my email and had not yet been deleted from my inbox. At some point, I plan to repost those to the best of my ability. I regret now not being more of a packrat and having saved all of the comments in my email as well, but I had trusted this system to keep them safe. Ah, well. But please do not let this mishap prevent you from making future comments. Your support and perspectives are invaluable to me.

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