Sunday, May 01, 2005

My Great-Aunt's Memorial

I just got news today that my great-aunt's memorial will take place next Sunday, on Mother's Day. I think I've been either in denial or keeping myself too busy to deal with my grief around her death. Thus I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by this news. I'd had all these plans after my aunt died:

1) write her children a letter telling them stories she'd told me about them and how much they meant to her

2) write up the story of her life - in the bits and pieces that she'd shared with me - to pass on to the rest of my relatives

But I have done none of this yet. The fact that her memorial is coming up has made it more obvious to me how absent I've been from my own grieving process around her death. But I suppose the time I gave myself to not think about it was needed to gain some strength back before facing it. I guess I can give myself that slack.

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